A designer is more creative than an engineer?

The creativity identifies the ability to generate new ideas. There are jobs where it is essential to create something new and unique. The artists, for example, to be able to emerge are led to devise compositions which have not already been designed or implemented. Many times it is believed that this predisposition is only innate, in truth it is not. The different professions tend to increase or limit the use of creativity. It works a bit ‘like a muscle that gets stronger with exercise. Do you by chance have friends who have studied design and you seem much more creative of your friends engineers? It is no coincidence, their studies have had an impact on creativity.


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The organization in the various disciplines has two characteristics that determine the propensity for creativity: the incentives and culture. The incentive is determined by the final award in an action. For a student it may be represented by the vote of an examination for a professional success. Therefore more creativity serve to achieve these goals even more will be developed a mind prepared for all possibilities. Culture is given of how it is perceived the new for the individual and the community of people in which one is immersed. Propose to his family to become a professional youtuber generate a different reaction than the same proposal to your circle of friends. That under these conditions the “muscle” of creativity will be more or less stressed.

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Let’s take as an example the construction of a bridge. An engineer will evaluate the safety and strength of the structure. The creative component will be minimal or absent, while a designer lacking creativity can mean a failure. So every profession through incentives and culture restricts or promotes creativity. The engineer and designer as are random, but if we make a creativity scale we could place all disciplines. This does not mean that a person can not be creative regardless of scope. Surely the greatest inventors in history had a great creative capacity. Albert Einstein was rejected by the University of Bern for the PhD position because his theories were considered “artistic blackberries than actual physics”.

In addition, the natural personality predisposition plays an important role. It is more likely that a creative person chooses a profession where creativity is encouraged. So to say that on average a designer is more creative of an engineer is not wrong and the guilt would not even only of the individual but of the profession.

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