7 tricks to speak intelligently

You do not know how to impress the people (and the teacher)? Use our tricks to speak intelligently, guaranteed success!

When we hear someone speaking, our brain automatically tries to put together socially relevant information interlocutor, such as intelligence, education and health.

7-tricks-to-speak-intelligentlyThis means that the way we talk helps people get a sense of who we are, and it is even more important than the content, as opposed to writing, where the importance lies entirely in the message. In every conversation, in fact, there are several paralinguistic aspects that contribute to our communication.

This means that with the necessary precautions, we can appear smarter than we really are, just to chat in the right manner? Absolutely.

Do you think that during a study carried out in 2012, 23% of respondents claimed that the sound quality of the voice of the interlocutor was able to influence their opinion. Only 11% spoke of the importance of the message. Other factors? The passion, the presence, the knowledge.

Let’s find out the   7 tricks to speak intelligently!

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