5 tips to use PowerPoint in the classroom

Increasingly, teachers changes (when you can …) by the project is more comfortable and does not stain;) In addition, we present a topic facing the students, which is more than convenient. How to make your optimum results? We give you 5 tips to good use, really, the power point presentation or any tool.


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  1. Use different types of material: You can insert: photo, video, sound, relevant images, diagrams … It is easier to maintain focus when the visual content helps in understanding sufficiency exposure lecturer.
  2. Create opportunities for interaction: You must ensure that your presentation is not just a mere lecture: it is convenient to leave room for questions, intervention or debate. It is very difficult, on the other hand, hold the attention of the audience (especially if it comes to Primary and ESO) over 20-25 minutes. Do not aim the traditional passive learning, and use this opportunity to implement active and participatory methodologies.
  3. New techniques: Dare to experiment and evaluate what they like or what suits them best to your students: Be sure to schedule different types of materials, for example, videos, and activities. This learning will help you be more efficient in future courses: It never hurts to “lose” some time experimenting.
  4. Leave some space to your students: Working with presentations is a very complete skill that your students should learn: multitude of capabilities and skills (public speaking, storyline, editing equipment, research, develop their creativity …) they are working. Communicative competence is so broad … It is crucial that students are prepared for adult life, where you have to speak in public and face nerves.
  5. Give “personality”: Feel free outside closed corset curriculum textbook: animals “cuquis” can capture the attention of students in a “hard” a masterly exposition time … for example, use humor helps.

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  1. Please, please, please: do not overload the presentation with slides 20 or 30 … that just means you have made a copy and paste from your notes and…
  2. Never capsize ingests amounts of text, huge, in a power point: to begin with, it is hard to read. Besides, there who do not feel torpor at that and not allow the students to take notes. If you have to take long texts, Send them an email with the PDF or printed sheets gives: the power point is schematic, its usefulness is clear and sort information
  3. Do not overuse images and colors, which hinder their vision: the more minimalist (with images, yes … but black on white) better reads and looks. The same applies to the sources as classes can be long, better it is a sans serif font (Arial, Helvetica) font.

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