5 tips on how to study for exams quickly

With the exam session approaching here a few tricks on how to study quickly to get prepared at the time.

The summer session is upon us, many have started, and despite studied like mad unfortunately do not feel ready. We see five tips on how to study quickly.

1. How to study quickly? Isolate yourselves!

In the true sense of the word. A major difficulty is precisely to remain really only. Of being able to concentrate to the maximum. So, we take our beautiful phone and let’s get him in airplane mode. You will see that after two or three minutes, once you have started to study, you will not even remember anymore. Do the same thing with laptops, tablets and any other electronic gizmo. Yes, even the iWatch is an electronic object. This is one of the strategies to better understand and make more profitable your study sessions.


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2. Give up the summaries if you have little time!

Also I find it best to me in summing up the books, but unfortunately, if you are short on time, this is no longer possible. The best thing you can do, if you’re willing to sacrifice your books, clip out the most important things on the various sides of the page.

3. Emphasize not in pencil but with highlighters

I generally choose 3 or 4 colors of highlighters. The yellow is to emphasize the parts that I consider normal, notions to be learned and then maybe summed up mentally. The green using it to emphasize phrases or concepts a bit ‘more important. The Orange is instead used for the parts important! Those to remember absolutely. The pink, if it were available, for some other concept to pull off only to look good. The pencil instead for examples.

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4. Repeat and repeat, even with book in front!

Sure, it’s not the best thing with the book open in front but trust me, you will learn anyway! The important thing is repeated to exhaustion. We should reach a point where we will also practically count the hairs on his head to Mussolini! (and we know that he did not have!). Important thing while saying: always try to change the words. Never use the same words of the book. If it was happening, it will mean that you are skidding and repeating from memory . Something to be avoided otherwise, there will return home with a nice 17 and praise.

5. Take breaks, do not lock yourself in the shell!

It is important to study without distraction, as reaffirmed in the first point, but equally important is making the right breaks! No not solve much, trust me! One of the strategies to learn is just to choose the right breaks. After repeating for a few hours, I recommend you do the breaks! Generally I recommend to make a 5 minutes every 25 study but since the exams are around the corner, this is not recommended! So take a 10 minute break every hour of study! Oh, and if you can avoid looking at the home of the company, do more: Look out the window, watching some videos on YouTube. Social distract much and start studying again after a pause is already complicated, let’s make it not impossible!

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