5 secrets to find the right motivation

Regain and maintain high motivation is not always easy. Today we recommend 5 useful methods that will help you find the enthusiasm to achieve each goal and achieve your dreams.

There are times when everything seems difficult, fears, concerns take hold of your days, and your dreams seem more distant and impossible as ever. Resume the daily rhythm and return to live each day with enthusiasm the project and, unfortunately, it is not easy. How should we do in these situations? How is it possible to regain and maintain our motivation?

Quiet, here are our 5 tips for resume at full speed…

right motivation

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1- Ask yourself why you started and where you’re going

When you’re about to give up the belief that everything has lost its meaning, which is not worth it, not to be impulsive and stopped to reflect on your actions with seriousness and awareness. Why did you start this journey? What are the reasons that prompted you to change? What were your goals and what went wrong? How could you fix it? Often worry and stress creates confusion within us that, like a thick fog, does not allow us to observe and assess the situation clearly. Think back to your aspirations, trying to relive the feelings of hope and motivation that guided you up to date and, above all, remember that a bankruptcy you can raise stronger than ever.

2- Find your “triggers”

If your goals are quite clear but you do is procrastinate because of insecurity and uncertainty about what to do, what you need is a “trigger”, a trigger that activates once your productivity. This motivation technique is also called “schedule if-then” and is to create daily habits that can lead us to achieve, step by step, our goals. For example, if you want to learn or improve a foreign language, as fixed daily commitment hour of study of this language by associating it to an activity that you carry every day such as drinking coffee or watch an episode of your favorite series. At first may seem a rather bizarre technique, but after about a month this association will become a habit that you will play fully automatically, allowing you to more easily achieve your goals.

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3- Become best friends with yourself

“I’ll never make it. Not good enough. Others are much brighter and more prepared than you. “How many times you try to demolition with these destructive self sabotage techniques? Why would you throw yourself down all the time when in fact you could work on your self-esteem and get surprisingly positive results? I bet you would never say to your best friend who is a loser and will never realize his dreams, why would you do with yourself. The next time you feel dejected, be gentle with yourself, appreciates and values your every single effort and success and you’ll see that, with a positive attitude, everything will instantly appear less impossible and frightening! The secret to face any difficulty always be present, learn to be your superhero.

4- Share your goals publicly

Share with the people you are around inspirations, results and achievements is one of the finest aspects of each path: think about the graduation day where all your family will celebrate your achievement with pride and satisfaction, or that dinner with friends that you organize to celebrate the success of your project! You need not fear the judgment of others, indeed, you have to turn it into one of your strengths. Form relationships and deal with other people can be rich and help greatly in the realization of your dreams. Do not be ashamed to talk to your friends about your goals and your hopes for the future and argue with them about what you are facing in the present to achieve these results. And if you would be so brave, why not use the social network to share your motivation?

5- Do not give in to perfectionism

It is important to understand that we are all human beings, none of us are perfect or special. Do you really believe that every great work or undertaking has been made without first passed continuing obstacles and failures? The search of perfectionism can stop you and bring you down in any situation, even preventing you from really accomplish your goals. No one will never ask you to be perfect, so do not hesitate too much on minimal and insignificant details. The important thing is to always put the maximum effort into everything you do. Remember that most of the lessons are learned wrong, to err is human and fundamental to your personal and professional growth.

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