5 reasons to not go out with a college student in the examination session

1. I will infect her test anxiety

Yes, the first reason not to go out with a college under examination is that even if the anxiety no one’s ever touched in your life, even if anxiety does not even know what whether it will be immediately infected with phrases like “I will never succeed to pass this exam” or “do not pass this exam if I never will graduate”.


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2. Forgotten to be able to contradict

Contradicting a student under examination could have adverse effects on the continuation of your flirt. A usually peaceful dialogue could end with phrases type “poison not afford ever contacting so ok? go to hell”. Do not think has anything against you, everything is due to the frenetic rhythms and inhuman amount of coffee ingested in the previous days.

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3. It will be distracted from her studies

while she tells you talk “huh? sorry I did not understand you can repeat, “you and you repeat her” sorry I did not get back. ” Quiet, at the base there is no cognitive problem. The mind just goes to indecipherable paragraphs studied during the afternoon.

4. Displayed but no reply …

And you, the day after the exit you will send the message. Sweet messages, romantic. They will be displayed. The answer will not come, until after hours. “Sorry I was studying” justification. “Okay do not worry about” your answer. “But look at this you can not answer a stupid question” what you really think.

5. How it changes after the exam

After the examination will be a different story. You will see the university student to change that Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde had nothing to compare. And then, only then, you will understand that actually go out with the student in the examinations you have made the right choice … until the next exam.

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