4 Ways to Improve Memory

Improve memory with 4 strategies to improve attention and gain information without distractions. Today I want to propose four techniques fast to improve memory leveraging the attention. The normal aging leads to gradual changes in all capacities that affect thinking and memory.

For example, sometimes you’ve got to have more difficulty in focusing your attention and quickly absorb information. The slowdown in the acquisition of information that come into your short-term memory reduces the amount of information that can be captured and encoded into long-term memory.

Improve memory and attention

Improve Memory

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The following strategies can help you improve your attention. Optimize also the ability to acquire information, fixing them better in your mind and storing …

1) When someone is talking to you, look at the person and listen carefully. If you missed some of what was said, ask the person to repeat it or to speak more slowly.

2) Make a kind of paraphrase of what is said. It needs to be sure you have understood correctly and to strengthen the information.

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3) If you are one of those who tends to get distracted during conversations, try to stay with the people in quiet environments. For example, you may suggest a meeting in your home or someone. Good alternative to a noisy restaurant. When you are forced to meet people in a restaurant, sit down at a table near a wall. If your interlocutors behind a wall, and you find yourself in front of them, you will be able to focus on them. It will be difficult therefore to draw attention to other diners.

4) You can improve your ability to focus on a task and avoid distractions if you do one thing at a time. Try to avoid interruptions. For example, if someone asks you something while you’re in the middle of reading or working papers, ask the person if you can wait until you’re done. Do not answer the phone until you have not finished with what you’re doing. Move your gaze from your phone, you lose the call, call them later!

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