4 Helpful Law School Admissions Tips

It’s time to choose your major – what will it be? If you’re thinking about becoming a lawyer, then you’re going to have to start making plans for the admissions process as soon as possible. The school you go to, whether it’s RU Online or Hofstra University, will determine what the application process will be like. Applying to a law school will be like applying to most schools, but if you’re still worried, then you will find the following law school application tips to be useful.

Get to Know the Application Process

This isn’t the time to make guesses about what’s required to complete the application process. This is a lengthy process, that normally begins two years before you actually start. You will have to take the LSAT, which is administered by the Law School Admission Council, or LSAC. The undergraduate academic records are then centralized and standardized by the Credential Assembly Service, or CAS. They also create a report and submit it to each law school you’re applying to. Then there’s the application requirements and deadlines the school has, which will vary from school to school.

Create a Checklist

There’s a lot to be done during the application process, so it’s easy to lose track of what to do next. A checklist is a good way to keep everything in order. Here are the things you’ll need to include:

  • Study to take the LSAT
  • Look up law schools and find out about their application deadlines
  • Go to the schools you’re interested in
  • Sign up for the LSAT and make an online LSAC accounts
  • Send your official transcript to the LSAC
  • Ask your professors and mentors for a letter of recommendation and mail them to LSAC or the law school
  • Take the LSAT
  • Have your academic scores and summary report sent to the law schools you will apply to
  • Schedule interviews if required by the schools you apply to
  • Keep an eye on your file status and acceptance using LSAC online account

Write Your Law School Resume

Your law school resume is very important for your application. It allows you to showcase your college experience and further prove why you should be admitted. You can put jobs you held during college to show responsibility, along with any internships, project management, event planning and volunteering that you’ve done.

Write a Meaningful Personal Statement

Most people fret about writing their personal statement, especially after spending countless hours online reading examples submitted by other students. You likely have some idea of how you want to approach this, but what’s most important is that it comes from you. Make it personal and reflective of who you are and what you stand for. Share something that isn’t readily available in the other parts of your application. This can be a more in-depth account of one of your college experiences, like the time you headed a volunteer project or worked as an intern. The idea is to show depth, maturity and insightfulness.

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