3 tricks to improve your text comments in college

Text commentary is one of the most practical and most useful educational exercises for the improvement of competences.

Take time to extract ideas from the text with various readings

  • It is important to follow some guidelines when creating an effective, professional and enriching text commentary.
  • With these tricks you will get to improve the quality of your work in the University.
  • The analytical reading is the best habits to develop better comments and expose your ideas with greater skill.

The text comments are the basis of any work at the University and where have you been working on your way through high school.

With time and practice you should improve the quality of your texts and adding nuances that will give you more professionalism, but also creativity and originality.

During your training you will receive many tips for students that you should keep in mind in your academic work and contribute resources that demonstrate the improvement of your skills and that you have acquired new knowledge.

text comments in college

Basic steps for a good text comment

1. Read everything that falls into your hands

The best way to develop a better ability to write ideas is to read and see how comments are written with credibility, attractiveness and that are easy to understand.

The reading will expand your creative skills, the way you write and will provide resources that will improve the way you structure ideas.

2. Look at the objective

The biggest mistake in text comments is to start writing without having clear ideas or without  having understood the intent of the text.

A good way to ensure that the text and intention of the comment is understood  is to ask certain questions in relation to the text: What is it about? What is the author’s intention? What discipline is the basis of the text?

In this way you should be able to put a title to the comment and express your ideas, without needing to paraphrase the text to comment.

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3. It provides credibility

Any comment or writing of an academic text must be posing from the critical thinking and the ability to reason the ideas with facts and comparable data.

To do this, you must inquire about the ideas that emanate from the text and on what sources they are based.

You can enrich your text with bibliographical references and citations that enrich your arguments.

Check the structure of the writing

Avoid very long sentences and divide the ideas by paragraphs or subtitles to maintain the coherence of the text.

Pay attention to the spelling and consult the doubts

A good argument can lose validity if it is poorly written and is presented with an unprofessional vocabulary and poor nuances.

Practice and more practice

Like any good skill, the basis of success lies in the effort that goes into it and in constant work.

So, if you want to improve, it is best to get down to work and dedicate time to the creation of text comments.

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