3 advantages of a YouTube channel for children under 10 years

The news of the day in many media is creating a video channel focused on the child audience less than 10 years, with truly shifters and more intuitive didactic and educational content, more “navigable”.

Certainly in LananClub usually think that education is the best way to prevent the minors to the risks of internet: somehow, it is true that we try to flee victimize and visions technophobes who pass the warning to try to put doors to field, generating more curiosity and risk behavior in adolescents in part motivated and motivated by the challenge circumvent those limits them. However, a YouTube channel for children can indeed be a good idea.

YouTube channel for children

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– Environment: Though, as adults, YouTube seems us easily navigable, intuitive, clear website … The truth is that no. YouTube has a look curiously little visual: when we talk about sin, graphic, large, visible, discernible, content is basic. So it is with teaching materials: colors and drawings must be attractive and eye – catching, plus easy to understand. YouTube has too much textual content.

– Contents: It is true that there are many content suitable for a child audience on YouTube; it is also true that submerged among a huge number of videos aimed at any other public and filtering and selecting the right one is a task that sometimes can be difficult: families could meet with videos to be reviewed, because not everyone want to transmit the same values ​​within the home, although designed for kids and more. Needless to say, the difficulty that this entails for a little person. Still, we will find rarely explicitly violent content, pornography … in a Google product.

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– A new reality requires specific solutions: It is not going putting patches on the go with everything, but sometimes necessary. Certainly, YouTube took a big step forward with the creation YouTube EDU, channel specifically targeted to education; we might think that channel is adequate, but it really is not: the contents are not suitable for the “truly” infantile public. On YouTube EDU, a great channel, there is a content filter by age, educational levels and stages of development: focuses on secondary education and content, very useful and valuable, are too “advanced”.

In short, creating a channel or set of channels specifically designed for such a particular audience and with such clear needs, in a new educational context in which the video begins to take over (think flipped classroom …) and whose taxation should be adapted, it covers a real need and brings benefits that still cannot overshadow the educational task of families with their children in regard to digital literacy.

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