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Dyscalculia, difficulty in learning mathematics

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Difficulties in learning mathematics are known by the name of dyscalculia, this problem also affects other areas that should know.

What is dyscalculia?

It is called the difficulty to perform mathematical calculations and is often applied in academic settings, in cases of children or schoolgirls showing obvious difficulties for mathematics in general: they cannot or will cost a lot perform simple operations with numbers, such as subtraction, addition, multiplication … testamentary find it difficult mental arithmetic, even with simple numbers, and are often unable to understand the approaches to solve mathematical problems that put them in class.

Dyscalculia can start to look over the four years, when the second cycle of infant education begin educators to teach addition and subtraction to students, and become more evident from primary, where demands in mathematics courses require maturity cognitive level that children with these difficulties do not possess.

Children with this difficulty level in mathematics show a well below the average of their age. Other subjects can also be affected, as well as other general areas of psycho child development. Continue reading