10 tips to memorize quickly

10 tips for studying better, faster and with less stress. Each person has a different way of studying, depending on the conceptual base you have, your ability to memorize … We leave this post with 10 of those ways, and we hope that some will helps.

memorize quickly

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1) Display

Take the information you want to understand or retain and place it in a picture or photograph with which it is associated. It will be easier to remember the image, and then the information backwards or without photo.

2) Memorization

Repeat and repeat the information to your brain until you get to remember, this method works best with arbitrary information and based on fact, and you get to imagine a situation and remember to repeat it or watch it as many times.

3) Interconnection

Take two ideas and think about how they might relate. Ideas can be in a specific field or between two completely different fields, but you can always find some way to relate. In this way a route road trip in your brain creates and get pass all.

4) Metaphors

Take a complex idea and compare it with a simple. Some metaphors have limited applications, while others can be used for a deeper understanding.

5) Acronyms

An efficient trick is to memorize a word created with the first letter of each word. This trick is good to memorize lists of items (countries, names …).

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6) Link

Linking two ideas together creating a rare image involving both. It is an advanced memorization technique works very well, but it takes time and practice to get it right and fast.

7) Personification

The process of taking things that are not human and give them human characteristics. Abstract ideas person with qualities are easier to remember. For example, scissors associate with heartbreak and signals of neurons, people running down a hallway where doors are open and closed.

8) Prior Knowledge

What do you know and might be useful? Try to make one of the information you already know, sometimes the subjects and the subjects are very different, but the foundational principles are similar and you can find connections.

9) Brainstorming

Ask any of your colleagues if they would like to participate in a meeting in which everyone can participate and have ideas they know the tests, groups of 3 or 4 people is ideal, with a maximum of 6. It will be easier to remember something you He tells another person.

10) It transforms it into interesting

It is easier to remember information that you like or find interesting. You have to try to transform all the ideas that you want to store in interesting and associate any idea that you really like.

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